Do you, or someone you know, constantly experience sinus pressure/headaches/infections? Do you take antibiotics to “relieve” these conditions?


I’ve said this to my mom a hundred times and I’ll say it to all of you reading this:

1. STOP with the antibiotics. Did you know? Most sinus infections aren’t even caused by bacteria. AND you could ACTUALLY be making the situation worse by taking unnecessary antibiotics.

2. Your sinuses ARE connected to your gut!
When an embryo, your gut and sinuses form at the same time. The stomach meridian actually ends over the maxillary sinus! (this is located in our cheeks just under the eyes).

This connection is SO STRONG that (eastern) physicians actually diagnose sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses) as a GUT HEALTH problem! This is because the SAME culprits that irritate your gut are irritating your sinuses.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you ever wake up feeling a little sniffly after a night drinking?

Eat too many holiday treats and develop any pressure around your forehead/cheeks?

Ever get a stuffy nose or headache after a night of bingeing on cookies and chips while you watch your favorite TV show?

Are you constantly battling sinusitis multiple times throughout the year?

If you answered YES to ANY of these:

You, my friend(s), are experiencing chronic inflammation and need to ADDRESS YOUR GUT HEALTH to actually treat the real issue of concern.

P.S. If you’ve EVER taken an antibiotic, especially one that wasn’t necessary, I would HIGHLY recommend adding in fermented foods/beverages and/or a good quality probiotic to your daily routine.

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