Having a few conversations yesterday at dinner and again today with some friends made me want to just throw some things out there that I foolishly thought was common knowledge, but now I realize is not.

1. Eating bread is the same as eating spoonfuls of sugar.

2. If honey, maple syrup or any fruit is labeled on an ingredient list, it is sugar.

3. Juice is non-carbonated pop. PLEASE stop letting your kids fill up on this stuff. Gatorade is the same as juice.

4. Just because something is organic, doesn’t mean you should eat it. Organic processed food is still processed food is still crap food.

5. Diet pop is just as bad for you (especially DIABETICS) as regular pop, in the long run.

THE FOOD YOU EAT LITERALLY BECOMES PART OF YOUR CELLULAR STRUCTURE, so PLEASE stop overlooking poor dietary choices for having responsibility for how awful you feel. It absolutely has something to do with why you feel like crap every day.

Pay attention to how your body responds to something. Any of the following could mean you’re having a reaction to food you’re eating. And these are just the less severe symptoms: you get headaches, stomach aches, muscle pain, diarrhea, bloating, ALLERGIES, skin irritations, PUFFY BAGS underneath your eyes, cramping, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate, feeling fatigued, runny/stuffy nose, labored breathing, body aches, and more!

Got cravings? Figure out what they mean!