The difference in these two photos is 5 years and an entirely different way of eating.

The photo on the left was me, 20 years old, in college, living on cereal, pizza, salads, the occasional dessert, and chicken sandwiches. I had terrible asthma and was using an emergency inhaler almost every time I worked out and more when it was cold outside. I kept one in my car and one in my bedroom- just incase. I was experiencing occasional bouts of eczema- which would spread all over my body, and I was taking oral and topical medication for both the allergic rashes (seasonal allergies) and eczema that I would break out in. My face was inflamed and I didn’t even realize it because I was so used to seeing myself like that!

The photo on the right was me, a 25-year-old, about 3 months after experimenting with my diet and realizing that I had a sensitivity to both dairy and wheat. When I cut out dairy and wheat, within one week I had already felt a world of difference. I’ve now maintained a mostly grain-free and dairy-free diet for 2 years. I haven’t gotten an inhaler prescription in OVER 2 YEARS. I don’t know the last time I’ve broken out in any rash, either allergy or eczema related, and as you can see the INFLAMMATION in my face has subsided immensely. I don’t have asthma attacks anymore, I don’t have seasonal allergies anymore, and when I experience any symptom of either, I now know I’m eating something my body doesn’t like.

I’m super passionate about being able to heal the body through movement, thought patterns and food. I don’t just preach this stuff. I’VE LIVED IT.


I wish that everyone would take a step back and realize that YOU HAVE THE POWER. Not your doctor and definitely not your prescriptions.

You can really heal yourself, and it starts by healing from the inside out.

Oh! And the best part, I weighed less in the picture on the left! Which also goes to show that the scale isn’t the best tool for measuring health, so please stop using it as the main measure of success.

Got cravings? Figure out what they mean!