Healing From the Inside Out

Hey! I’m Monique. I’m a psychic energy healer and mentor that is here to guide you back to yourself… your happiest, healthiest, most authentic self.


Experience Life in a new Way

I believe that the body is the ultimate oracle. It is always communicating to us and if we listen and give it a chance, the body will show us the way to ultimate health and happiness- from the inside out.

Being a spiritually curious empath, I always knew there was more going on than what meets the eye. I am naturally sensitive to everything that is going on around me. Maybe you are too. Did you know that these external energies can impact your own connection to your body? They can also impact how your body responds to things like food, other people, potential injury or illness and more. Using a blend of intuitive guidance and energy work, I can teach you how to drown out the noise of everything outside of you and connect to the wisdom and guidance from within.

Once I started listening to the messages my body was giving me, I was able to heal emotionally, mentally and physically. I was able to shift energetically into alignment with my ideal body, relationship(s) and career. 

I feel a deep sense of joy and gratitude in helping others learn how to connect to their body to feel and understand what it is trying to communicate, physically, emotionally, and energetically to live a life with purpose, on purpose.

What You Can Expect

Living an Authentic Purpose Filled Life

Amongst other benefits with working with me include:

Full Energy Scan, Healing Activation, Reading

During this session you receive 50 minutes of energy healing that helps you to release blocks and patterns that are holding you back from fully connecting to your body, expressing who you are, taking action that turns you on and living out a life you really love.

Remote (Distance) Sessions

During a remote or distance session, we do not connect via video chat or a phone call.  The connection between us is purely energetic.  As I connect to you during the time of our session, you are encouraged to relax or go about your day as you deem necessary. Although we do not talk during this time, I assure you the healing and guidance will flow without any obstruction 🙂 at the scheduled time of your session.

Mini Frequency Healing Activations, Readings

This is a series of four 20 minute distance healings with the option for 1 twenty minute follow-up call.

Intuitive Guidance Session

This is a 30 zoom call or OR 90 a minute deep dive intensive zoom call with me where we will go deep into any area you’re feeling stuck or stagnant in.

2022 Energy Forecast

This is a 60 minute zoom call with me where we will go into the energy forecast for each of your first 6 months of 2022.


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Get Excited to move

The process is easy!


Find What You Need

Look over offers and see what resonates with you. Not sure? Let’s talk and decide what will be most healing and beneficial for you!


Choose a Healing Session

Choose the healing service mostly aligned with you and your goals. 


Relax and Receive!

Once you schedule your healing the only thing left to do is relax and receive! You don’t have to be stationary or at home during your healing although that is welcome. I’ll tune into your overall energy and send healing that way!


Healed Hundreds of People Through Reiki

See what people have said about their transformational process. 



Monique is spot on with her guidance and her readings. Thank you, Monique for the confirmation always!

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No matter what we are doing together (I’ve done many sessions with her) she always says exactly what I need to hear at that exact moment. I’ve made strides in my money mindset, my self worth, confidence in relationships and peace of mind in my career. She not only points out thoughts/energy that may still be holding me back in a way that is totally understandable but gives me ACTIONABLE practices to help me address it. I’d trust her with my energy body and my life.  

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Best experience ever! I desperately needed a mover to help with a last åWhat Monique says is always the exact confirmation I need.  She is able to see things so clearly. I’ve been in a transition for some time and the insight she gave me totally matched what I’ve been feeling into as well and gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to move forward easily.minute relocation, and Movely was so helpful in making it a seamless process!”

Ready for a transformation?

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