About Me

Hey, I’m Monique!
I am a psychic energy healer and mentor and I have a deep passion for reconnecting highly sensitive women back to their bodies to activate their intuition and connect them to living an authentic, purpose-filled life.  I have learned that reconnecting to the body is the number one way to not only heal the body, but to activate the intuitive wisdom that already lies within to help you create a life you’re in love with.
I used to struggle- a lot… emotionally, mentally and physically. A lot of highly sensitive women do- without even knowing they are highly sensitive. Chances are, if you’re here, you are sensitive and your body is desiring to connect with you!

Throughout my personal healing journey, I have released multiple chronic illnesses from my body, healed myself of disordered eating, overcame depression, stepped into my purpose work and have built a successful business, and found the love of my life. I learned that my body was always trying to talk to me and guide me to a life filled with love, passion and fulfillment, but I was so disconnected due to societal conditioning of how and who I thought I had to be that I couldn’t listen.  Once I did though, magic happened; I began to create my life on my terms.

I believe that through the process of reconnecting back to your true self, the inner nudge we sometimes ignore because we might not like what it says, and realigning with your authentic desires and dreams, you naturally recalibrate to a state of happiness, health, wealth and love. For me that was weight loss, healing multiple chronic illnesses, activating my intuitive senses, creating an energetic healing and coaching practice that I love (finding my soulmate along the way was a bonus).  For you it may be something else. However, connecting back to the body will guide you to creating your own magic. I am committed to helping other sensitive women create their own love story with their body, their relationships and their life and I can’t wait to work with you.